lctools version 0.2-3 (5 July 2015)

The main purpose of lctools is to assist researchers and educators to use user friendly tools for calculating key spatial statistics. These include: Local Pearson and Geographically Weighted Pearson Coefficients, Spatial Inequality Measures (Gini, Spatial Gini, LQ, Focal LQ), Spatial Autocorrelation (Global and Local Moran’s I) and other Spatial Analysis tools (Geographically Weighted Statistics, Inferential Statistics). This package also contains functions for statistical inference for each statistic calculated and two datasets one of which refers to the local authorities in Greece.

What’s new

moransI.w: Moran’s I classic statistic for assessing spatial autocorrelation using a ready made weights matrix

spGini.w: Spatial Gini coefficient with a given weights matrix

w.matrix: Weights Matrix based on a fixed number of nearest neighbours

Code: Bug fixes

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