Spatial Analysis: Methodology and Applications with R

eBook: “Spatial Analysis: Methodology and Applications with R” by Stamatis Kalogirou

The aim of this book is to help the reader to understand what spatial analysis is and how to apply some methods to solve problems with spatial dimension in the real world. As a textbook it is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students as well as  for doctoral students and researchers who are interested in this subject. The book deals with issues of spatial analysis related primarily to geostatistics and GIS. Much of the content of the book is based on the author’s research in the last 15 years. Thus, the book provides the reader with good practices of applied spatial analysis of socio-economic data such as family income, education, human poverty and demographic data such as internal migration and population ageing. Finally, the book includes a chapter where basic statistical programming using the language R is taught. R is one of the most popular open source languages ​​for statistical and spatial analysis.

Publication Details
Title: Spatial Analysis
Subtitle: Methodology and Applications with R
Author: Stamatis Kalogirou
Critical Reader (Reviewer): Cleon Tsimbos
ISBN: 978-960-603-285-1
Bibliographic Reference: Kalogirou, S., 2016. Spatial Analysis. [Ebook] Athens: Hellenic Academic Libraries Link. Available at:
Language: Greek
Chapters: 9
Pages: 228

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